Feel the Heat with the Exercises Under the Water

Feel the Heat with the Exercises Under the Water

Exercises under water. A little phrase that all people for some reason associate with older people.

I never had that kind of prejudice on this subject, but I did not know the extent of the benefits that underwater exercises could offer.

In Spanish it is called aquatic gymnastics but they all say it Aqua Gym.

And the special thing about it is that it is a soft and easy way to do sports, relax the mind and keep us healthy and fit.

If you do not know much about the subject, or if it happened to me before, you only know what is said by word of mouth; Then accompany me on the following lines that I will tell you all my experience with this Aqua Gym.

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Famous Celebrities Who Are Beautiful With Curves

Famous Celebrities Who Are Beautiful With Curves

When someone tells me that they can not, that they are fat, that opportunities are not for people like "us"; All that really disgusts me. This review goes to all of you my friends, those who feel defeated and do not think we can! Yes we can! And these famous ones attest to it, faith that it can be achieved when you propose it well.

And I choose the most recognized women because I know the power of reach they have towards the public. If at any point you ever doubt yourself again, I want you to remember at least one of the following people I'm going to introduce you to.

It is okay if you have your doubts, it is true that the cement jungle and society in general are truly intimidating; But for those cases think about what you have achieved so far and what you could achieve. If they could you can too!

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12 fine garment ECONOMIC below $ 40 - ADDS VARIETY

12 fine garment ECONOMIC below $ 40 - ADDS VARIETY

When it comes to renew your wardrobe or add variety all seek (or should we look for always) garments in which we feel comfortable that we like and above all; economic garments.

No need to spend thousands of dollars to look beautiful, it is true that a dress world renowned designer can be worth a fortune but; to see you beautiful, you do not need something really expensive.

So just be aware that extremely expensive garments and economic garments are closer than you think, Although the question of price difference is abysmal.

Thinking about something new can think Emma Watson and her dress from recycled materials. So if you want to look beautiful in a set of economic garments specifically designed for your figure; Here I show you a gallery of what we have to offer in Bella Curvy.

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Plus Size Are you or do not get there?

Plus Size Are you or do not get there?

It is very difficult to set a parameter correctly to label a woman about your size and say with confidence: You are plus size.

All bodies are different or, in the language of fashion; We all have a different configuration. There are women we are very high and robust configuration and; They are the other women are petite but have much belly.

I personally by my height and my "configuration" is considered me more but; if a bit lower and maintain my proportions, then maybe you go into another category.

To say that a woman is Addition It should not be synonymous to say that a woman is overweight; or as they say vulgarly many: which he is a fat woman.

In order to set parameters correctly and properly say "Yes, I'm a plus size what?" we must first know.

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That moment where I stopped and I turned myself Follow inspiration

That moment where I stopped and I turned myself Follow inspiration

We all have a turning point in our lives. Good or bad, we all happens something (or someone) that changes our perspective completely; in my case I think it was not a simple thing but an avalanche of events one after another They became my inspiration.

Of course, when we are children, very few have the privilege of becoming a beacon of hope and guidance to others; but even those who manage to remain children, so they continue to learn from someone who is beyond.

In my youth I endured many hardships, and as I have always been a very empathetic person; I think sometimes suffered more than necessary, because the pains of my loved ones near and even strangers were mine.

Then as a young adult being followed, but more focused on achieving my goals, to overcome that, my role model.

And we all have an inspiration, but What happens when you're the someone?

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How to tell if you're addicted to selfies

How to tell if you're addicted to selfies

We do it in bed, when we are maquillándonos, in the car, at the gym, virtually anywhere that has good lighting we become our own photo studio.

Yes, I speak of selfies, Those pictures we usually take us forever, and I admit, I'm a fan number 1 to do.

And every time the phone helps us improve our technique.

That's why many people, celebrities including, Usually taken these photos as a daily activity and often indispensable.

The selfies have their goals and boast achievements, personal branding, send message or simple vanity.

But for this very reason, we must take into account when passing the line about addiction, because yes, there is the addition of the famous auto photos.

And if you're not quite sure what I'm talking about, here at Bella Curvy I explain what makes you an addict to take pictures yourself. Read more About Decomo know if you're addicted to selfies ...

How to handle bullying or discrimination as Bella Curvy

How to handle bullying or discrimination as Bella Curvy

Who have been plus size throughout our lives, we know how difficult it is to face discrimination or bullying by our appearance.

Our way into this as discriminatory society is not easy and there were many years of non-acceptance by others.

But that same discrimination on our weight, is what led us learn to accept no matter what people say.

Getting to the point of feeling good and love each other as we are is not easyEspecially if we have support to overcome.

But the main support must come from ourselves. That I understood at an early age.

It was not an easy road. And I must admit that sometimes it is overwhelming. But the important thing is to know that no body is equal and that no matter what you do or how you're always going to judge you.

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3 reasons as water can help your skin

3 reasons as water can help your skin

"How many glasses of water daily take?"That was the question I put to myself, and it's the first thing you ask, and if less than 3 that you take in order to help your skinI recommend you keep reading.

Water you consume daily is very important to keep your body healthy; even though we are formed by a 75% water, constant consumption is vital to our well being.

We eliminate toxins that are daily mostly due to consumption of liquidIn this way it helps us prevent certain diseases.

Because the water functions as a solvent in our body causing chemical reactions thus maintaining an optimal level bodily functions also helps cell skin renewal.

If you are interested to know more about it, here in I'll show you the benefits of drinking water daily. Read more About de3 reasons as water can help your skin ...

How to know you're sabotaging your training

How to know you're sabotaging your training

For many training or exercise it is something that entails a great effort, and we know that keep us in ways it's not an easy thing to do. Despite being plus size, we must remain active for good health because we have not been blessed with a fast and furious metabolism. But What if I told you that you could be sabotaging your training with your current routine?

However, many times we sabotage ourselves that our training without knowing that may eventually bring us many more problems like weight rebounds. So I am determined to meet the 6 ways you're saboteándote for you to take note and better this aspect of your life.

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